Gideon Moments

Today, we feel an imminent and urgent need to rally young people to take their places & jump into their purposes in the earth.  A world filled with hatred, bigotry and injustice is never fertile soil for fruitfulness: if we allow our children to sow and grow in this type of soil, we will only reap more of the same. And they will no doubt reproduce after the kind of what they behold, and what they experience.

Gideon Moments is designed to showcase stories of bravery and pivotal moments for young people, with the goal of supporting them to become the change makers the earth desperately needs today.  Submit stories of youth you know, who are making a difference to [email protected]. Alternately, you may also submit stores via the Facebook Group "Gideon Moments".

"Art for a Better Earth"
Art & Literary Works that Inspire Change...

The following works of Art in this Gideon Moments Presentation are copyrighted works of the Artists, (most of whom are students and minors); and used under contractual agreement by and  All rights reserved by the Artists and Literary Scholars. Inquiries and private comments, kudos to the Artist as well as inquiries about the using the material herein, should be sent to [email protected]. In most cases, we have changed the Artists' names to protect the identity of the minor children who were willing to submit and share their views. To submit KIND comments publicly, please visit, LIKE and SHARE each piece on our Facebook Page at  To submit works of Art you would like to be considered for this showcase, please complete the form at bottom of this page.


Day 1:
In the Shadows

Rendition: Oil on Canvas by 19 year old College Student: Interpretation: Summary comments by several students


Day 2:
Surrounded by Blue

Rendition: Face of a Black Man  stopped by a White Police Officer.
Interpretation: Poetic Storyline by Black Male

Day 3:
Brown Eyes. Brown Skin. Brown Ears.

Renditon: Reality check thru Black Brown-ESE. Interpretation: Black/Brown Mother and daughter at the gym.

Day 4:
Braids on Gold

Rendition: Braids on Gold - the multi-faceted story of Black Hair.
Interpretation: A satire, "Dear White People - Hair we are",  by Black Millennial

Day 5:

Rendition: Engulfed in Grief and Grey
Interpretation: Summary comments by several students


Day 6:
Sunday Best

Rendition: Hopeful teenage boy - dressed in Sunday Hopeful Best
Interpretation: A Mother's Prayer for her Son

Day 7:

Rendition: Hues of Black and white, with other colors.
Interpretation: A more privileged black class?

Day 8:
GenZ Rising

Renditon: A unified Voice for Change Interpretation: Justice Roars from America to the ends of the Earth

Day 9: The Breath of Technology

Rendition: Take a Deep Breath - a Digital Art clip
Interpretation: Traditional Art has therapeutic power. Digital Art has speed.

Finale: Juneteenth

Rendition: An 8 minute 34 second video that celebrates Juneteenth and memoralizes the lives lost thru police brutality

Take the Next Step

Now that you have been tagged by these works of Art, you are now commissioned to TAKE THE NEXT STEP... we have some ideas...

Give us your Feedback...

Our students have spoken and now they would love to hear from you. To hear your voice in writing (even incognito)

An Open Letter: To Men and Women of every Color, Creed and Race...

Dear Fellow-citizens:

As EdenU is commissioned to REPLENISH THE EARTH - I feel a huge responsibility to share with you not only what's front and center in my heart as Dean, but especially what is coming to surface in the hearts and minds of some Black and Brown students as they navigate these uncertain and often scary times.

EdenU has compiled a collection of Art and Literary Works submitted by students, that we hope will become a story book read by all mankind and all races. The Art forms are varied, and will be delivered as a perpetual story -  with one new page revealed each day for the next 8 days. (June 11th thru June 19th).

Our hope is that you will stop and take a moment to listen to these children and their families, to hear, really hear, to learn, to understand and to see life thru the lens of young Black and Brown students and their families.
By doing so, you  DO affirm them. As you "Like" and "Share" each post, it amplifies the voices of these students even more and assures them that you DO care about their views; and you also acknowledge their worth and significance in the earth.

Each day, for the next 8 days, we will post a fresh new work of Art or Literary Work by Black and Brown students here on this page as well as in the "Gideon Moments" Facebook Group ( and the EdenU Instagram Page (@edenutv) - alongside comments, views and perspective of Black and Brown students on each piece.

We hope that this small act will inspire momentous change in the narrative about the Black and Brown people in your communities and in your spheres of influences.   
We also hope that it will help to make the earth a kinder, gentler place for our children to live in, and ultimately raise their own families in.

I am also happy to share how each Art piece or Rendition might be used as a conversation starter or lesson prompt in small learning hubs in your corporations, in churches, in learning institutions, as well.  Just drop me an line at [email protected] if you are interested in lesson prompts.

Thank you for giving your thoughtful attention AND your proactive positive "finger" to this important cause.
I salute you. The children , youth  and families represented here salute you. Generations of black and brown children to come, also salute you.


Warm Hugs (at a distance),

Faith Beckford
Dean of Students

"From the mouth of infants and nursing babes You have established strength because of Your adversaries, To make the enemy and the revengeful cease."  Psalm 8:2

Gideon Moments Facebook Page:


Getting it Straight

It is important to know "The Why".

While we may disagree on "The How",  lets be clear on the reason we decide to showcase "Art for a Better Earth".  It matters that the Black and Brown communities have been "here" before, but it matters more that we are clear on the "Why".

This young Black girl says it aptly.

The Facts Quiz (How well do you know the facts?):

  1. The Battle over racial equality for Black and Brown People, and systemic racism in America, spans over ___ years
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. was opposed to street protests. 
    True _____  False _____
  3. All Lives Matter. True ____ False _____
  4. We need everyone's help in championing the cause because Black Lives are in Danger 
    True ____  False ____


In the Shadows

"Sometimes you can feel pushed into the shadows by people around you or even by yourself. However this piece reminds us that while spiraling in the shadows, you may find others who feel just as lost as you are. And together, you can reveal new colors"
Morgan A., Girl, Age 14, Frisco, TX

"If you focus on the faces, the shadows go away"
Riley M., Girl, Age 12, Frisco, TX

"Sometimes you just want to hide in the shadows and you end up eating lunch in the bathroom, because kids make you feel like you are invisible; like you don't really exist"
John P., Boy, Age 14, Allen, TX

"This is how I feel everyday when I go to school. My mom says 'kids are mean', but it will make me tough because the world is also quite mean - so I try to be funny so the kids will laugh at my jokes and not notice that I am different"
Monica, Girl, Age 15, East Hanover NJ

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Brown Eyes. Brown Skin. Brown Ears.

I watched from the glass window with the rest of the proud parents as my daughter joined other 5-year olds for her first ever gymnastics lesson. Leo and tutu with bare feet, twirling and twisting to soft rhythmic beats. But my pride quickly turned to horror and disbelief at the first water break as one of the moms beckoned to her daughter, ivory white with blonde hair pulled back in a pony-tail, who had become noticeably chatty with my daughter  - brown skinned, black braided hair pulled back in a pony-tail.

The mother swiped her two fingers on her left arm in a sweeping motion while shaking her head back and forth. Then she did it again, as she was sure she had her daughter's attention.  And finally her daughter got the message and quickly scurried away from my daughter and toward another kid that looked more like her.
Author: College Educated Black Mom, Narberth PA
Read more of her story here...

Commission this Work of Art - "Brown Eyes. Brown Skin. Brown Ears."

Surrounded by Blue

Tightened Jaw, Eyes shift downward
Head erect with Pain
I am surrounded by Blue

Nervous hands firmly gripping the steering wheel
While white man clothed in dark blue
Black gun cocked at his waist
Badge affixed with authority
Approaches my car

Licence and registration please...
Why am I being stopped officer?
Was I speeding? Did I run the red light?
Is my brake light out? Did I not use a turn signal?

Nerves intensify. Heart beating faster
Your siren pulled me over for reasons still unclear
Did I tell my loved ones I loved them
when I left home

Author: Name Withheld, Black/Brown Male, Austin TX

Read more of his story here...

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Braids on Gold

Dear White People:

My Braids speaks volumes.
Every kink tells a story.
Every twist sings a song of my life.

Some Braids are long
Because my life spans
Generations of deep coffee colored history
Some Braids are short
Because most people
Care only for the Readers' Digest version
Yet each one is coiffed with pride

Each plait a verse in the song
Of my family's redemption
That I add to at will 
When I need to gather strength
From the tenacity of my forefathers
Working tirelessly in rows of corn fields
Gold stalks swaying in the wind.

Name Withheld: Frisco, TX
Factoid: Braids were originally called "Corn Rows". 
Braids are part of the culture of the African American community. It involves twists and turns and often adding store bought hair into the mix as a means of protecting the virgin hair. Braids are often secured by elastic bands or an oil based locking wax such as beeswax.

Commission this Work of Art - "Braids in Gold"

Saudade (/souˈdädə/)

Saudade Meaning: A sad state of intense longing for someone or something that is absent.

NOTE: The students who responded were not told the meaning of the word before their comments only afterwards.

"He looks like he is longing for his family..because he is locked up in jail"
10 year old, Girl, Detroit, MI

"DayDreamin' - with his eyes shut"
13 year old, Boy, Prosper, TX

"He is praying real hard without opening his mouth"
7 year old Girl, Plano, TX

"He is pondering a grey matter, and does not know what to do. The answer is neither black nor white"
18 year old girl, Bryn Mawr, PA

"He has a lot to say, but no one is listening to him"
8 year old girl, Villanova, PA

"He looks like my Daddy"
8 year old boy, Longview, TX

Factoid: The Artist named the piece "Saudade" after she completed it, not knowing there was even a word that existed with that name. "The word just came to me", she said. When we googled the word, we found that it means intense sadness.

Commission this Work of Art - "Saudade"

Sunday Best

Step out Son
In your Sunday Best
Let the white man see you
Dressed up like him

Maybe he will choose you
For the next part in his play
For the next pawn in his game
Of life

Shoulders back Son
Don't slouch
Look the white man not so squarely in the eye
When he speak to you
This let him know you been 'edumicated' Son
Tuck your shirt into your pants
Dont let nothing hang out
This is white man country, so do as he says
And maybe he will pick you

Maybe you will be the one who make it out of this ere' ghetto
After all, ain't today Sunday?
Ain't no corn pickin' today!

And by the way Son, yous looking real handsome too...

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My complexion 
gives me access
to special spaces
And privileged places
That my pure
Black and Brown Sisters
may not so easily enter

Less melanin in my skin
makes me seem 
more white than black
Hair not-so-kinky
Skin cream-colored
 Yet I often feel out-of-place
Not belonging to neither
black nor white camp...
I am 

Melanin is a dark brown to black pigment produced by special cells called melanocytes. Melanin's purpose is to protect the skin from the Sun's harmful UV rays. The more melanin your skin has, the darker your skin will be and the more protection it will have against UV rays.

Commission thie Work of Art - "Black-ish"

GenZ Rising

Spring 2020
College dorms vacated
to distance learning
Pandemic cries echo
from sea to shining sea
To rouse the Sleeping Giants
Black, Brown, Red, White & Blue
Resolute voices unite
As One - Rising True
To the plight of
One America
One Nation
One World
Hungry for Justice

Unrest, Activism and Hope
Deep in our souls
This is not the Civil Rights
Movement of 1960s 
Not for the Timid
Or the faint of heart
We take a knee
Protest and shout
Until the arc of history
Pivots towards Justice
To set generations 
Of the oppressed 


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Take a Deep Breath!

breathe /brēT͟H/ 
noun: breath
the air taken into or expelled from the lungs.
verb: breathe
take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process.

This is the only piece in this Collection that was created digitally using ProCreate for IPad. All other Artwork were done in traditional format (oil or water colors on canvas). We thought it was important to include at least 1 digital piece to give a nod to the power of technology, especially in the Black Lives Matter movement. The piece took an equally long time to complete (probably because of the learning curve), was not as messy, but collaboration was swift. The students commented however that the digital canvas does not allow for the therapeutic effect of getting hands and heart involved in the mess of paint and brushes and how that messy process allows them to sink into deeper places of their souls; with the end result of feeling refreshed...
We would love to have you over to our place (online @EdenU) to experience both the digital canvas and the traditional canvas and give us your views as well.

This Digital Rendition is Not for Sale - but you may request a similar Work of Art

Adam Smith (1723-1790)
Justice is the only virtue which may be imposed by force..

There is, however, another virtue, of which the observance is not left to the freedom of our own wills, which may be extorted by force, and of which the violation exposes to resentment, and consequently to punishment. This virtue is justice: the violation of justice is injury: it does real and positive hurt to some particular persons, from motives which are naturally disapproved of. It is, therefore, the proper object of resentment, and of punishment, which is the natural consequence of resentment.

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Gideon Moments:

Stories of Ingenuity, Bravery & Craftsmanship of  the Youth and Young at Heart

Join us as we celebrate the brave artistic works by Black and Brown youth in this Gideon Moments Presentation "Art for a  Better Earth". The goal of this presentation is to foster understanding and create opportunities for open narrative among races ...

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