Join us for our first post-pandemic Wellness Event, gathering ordinary people on an Intentional Journey to Happiness. 
Get Happy

Benefits of this Workshop

  • Become your Best Self

Learn the 5 components of true Happiness and find out where you fall on the Happiness Scale

  • Partner with the Helper for Your Healing

Healing from hurt, pain and trauma  is fundamental to finding your place of happiness

  • Find your Altar

The way Up is often Down. Digging Deep into the Recesses of Your Soul to embrace vulnerability and humility.

  • Discover Your Passion

We'll shut down major city streets for the greatest PASSION PARTY of all time, with fire breathers, food trucks, and trapeze artists - all coming together virtually to help you step into your life's purpose.

  • Own Your Yes

Once you know what you are in the earth to do, the only thing to do is to surrender to it - no holds barred. A complete and eternal Yes seals the deal to your happiness for your lifetime.

About this  Workshop:

Audience:  Adults & Teens 16 years or older

Duration/Format:  Meets 5 consecutive Wednesdays

Sponsor:  EdenU

At the end of this Workshop, we hope participants will:

  • Understand how to shift into a new normal of  "Happy" 
  • Learn the 5 Simple components of Happiness
  • Get a Framework for re-writing Your Happy Plan 
  • Get a Peer Plan Review  in Breakout Sessions
  • Craft Happiness Decrees

People who constantly compare themselves to others are known to be less Happy...


Stop comparing yourself to others. The only thing that matters is the improvements you make in your own life. You are not supposed to be like anyone else.

Get this and 24 other tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem in this Free eBook from the EdenU Library. Its available when you Register by September 1st.

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Workshop Features:

Premier Location

Accessible to most. Convenient and flexible. Take your place inside or out - whether you are in the South of Maine or in South Africa. The Internet connects us via Zoom!

Happy Dance Lessons

The journey to happiness leads us thru the corridors of dance. Any genre, any beat, just lift your feet and move with the sound. If you dont know how to dance, here's your chance to learn.

You Owe it to Yourself to ...

Let by-gones be by-gones. Let go of the past and embrace your Awesome future. Your happiness Awaits!

Get Happy