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Peace. In the Garden.

Join this exclusive Life is Better in the Garden Series. During September our focus is on
PEACE: Individual Peace, Family Peace, Community Peace, National Peace, World Peace.
Most events will be held Outdoors.  Shoes are optional. 

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Peace. Paz. Paix.  Shalom.  שָׁלוֹם. Paz. Frieden.  Pax. Shanti. покой.  Heiwa.

Freedom from disturbance; tranquility.  A tranquil heart and life.  A state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations. Freedom from war and violence. Quiet. Calm. Stillness. Serenity. A state of harmony with God.

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"

Mother Teresa

PEACE Playshops:

In this Playshop Series, you will learn...

  • Why PEACE is a legacy for all human-beings, irrespective of age, ethnicity, color, creed or sex
  • How to identify PEACE blockers and PEACE leaks
  • What to do about it, if you want to consistently hold onto PEACE
  • Strategies to Soar your PEACE level, FAST
  • Make Peace Flags for the family, the nations
  • Sing Peace Songs (with S3)
  • Mobilize a PEACE Squad in your home, your neighbothood, your City
  • Weekly Playshops in the Garden
    • Week 1: Shalom in the Home - Crafting Complete Peace at Home
    • Week 2: Mind Your Peace - Cultivating a Peaceful Mind/Mind-Mouth Connection
    • Week 3: Hold Your Peace -  Recreating The Dove /Experiment
    • Week 4: Pass on Peace - Wreathing a Legacy/ Peace Flags
  • BYOB/BYOS - Bring your Own Beverages (plastic bottles only) & Snacks
  • Going Deeper: After the Playshop Huddle (optional)
  • Sit-ur-Nation PEACE TALKS (Anti-Social Distance mediations) - Upgrade Available*
  • Barefeet allowed. Shoes optional.
  • 1-Family per Table (1 Peace Plan faciitates up to 4 per family)
  • ** We follow Safe Social Distancing/ All Coaches wear Masks

Running low on Peace?

Join us for a Peacel-full Month of Reflection and Activity & Secure Peace for You, your Family, Your City, The Nations

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Individual Peace Plan


Good for all 4 Sessions

  • Free GIFT at Registration
  • Uncover New PEACE levels 
  • Censor Unsoliticited Thoughts
  • Rise above the Noise
  • Ground or Re-ground yourself
  • Release Anxiety

Group Peace Plan


Good for all 4 Sessions

  • Good for Groups of 5 or more attendees to weekly Playshops
  • Free Gift at Registration
  • Build Team Synergy
  • Cultivate Friendships
  • Journey  together into  Deep Peace

Give the Gift of Peace


Good for all 4 Sessions

  • Free GIFT at Registration
  • Settle Conflict
  • Rise above the Noise
  • Release Anxiety
  • Restore Calm
  • Release The Dove
  • Embrace Shalom

Peace Talks Mediation Plan


Family of 4-8

  • 4 Private Zoom Sessions designed to Resolve Conflict
  • Up to 8 Family/ Team Members
  • Rewire Your Brain for ultimate Calm
  • Restore Understanding
  • Activations & Workbook incl.

Scholarships are Available!

Is your family in need of Peace Mediations? We have limited scholarships for families based on need. Send email to [email protected] to request an Interview where we will determine if you qualify for scholarship.