There has never been a better time to help your Child connect with their true identity and their purpose in life ...

In this day and age, while pandemic and social unrest has undoubtedly grabbed the attention of the entire world, Parents and Guardians can help their Teens Realign, Reset and Refocus!

You cannot afford NOT to leverage these times to help your teens shift their perspective and pivot into a positive mindset.

But while it isn't as simple as ensuring they wear a mask or wash their hands several times per day - the Good News is, YOU are already equipped to assist them tend their garden, water their gifts and steward their awesomeness!!

This Information Session will cover:

  • How to identify Your Fire-bender, Earth-bender, Water-bender or Wind-bender
  • How to build confidence in your teen and help them shut out negative noise
  • How to help them uncover innate gifts and latent talents that have been lying dormant for years.
  • How to partner with technology to work with your teen instead of against them
  • How to tap into powerful  resources every teenager craves.
  • When to pour on compliments and when to use the "Silent Treatment"

What are you waiting for? We've got a lot to cover and limited space on this training. Sign up now!

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Information Session