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No matter your learning style, your page or stage in life,
EdenU has a class to Replenish you.

For Students

Send us your students who are failing in school, lack confidence or are socially challenged for 90 days.  A money back guarantee. 

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For Parents

Let us help you find the gold in your children; help them discover their super powers and show up with confidence every day. Success guaranteed.

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For Individuals & Groups

Does your team need a cultural shift or need to address a gap in capability?  We customize and deliver training for groups of 6 or more based on assessed needs and learning gaps. 

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Who We Are!


Hello, I am pleased to work with a team of Educators who are not only caring advocates for students and families  but also  experts in their fields.


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Do you need Replenishing?  

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Are you in a season of transition? Do you no longer fit in your old setting, your old season, your old community? We have been there. Allow us to walk with you during this time.

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BRAVE Bootcamp

You are designed to be  BRAVE. The Brave Bootcamp takes you thru each facet of Bravery: Bold, Resourceful, Authentic, Vulnerable & Vigilant and Excellent

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Animal Instinct Parenting 

Are you a domineering or dominant parent? What are your 'go-to' tactics for managing your tribe and how is that working  for you?

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What can you expect from an EdenU class?

No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:


The transfer of knowledge always fires brain cells to come alive in new ways. Expect Knowledge Transfer.


Newly fired brain cells create a new Normal, new Movement, new Life, and Growth.
Expect Growth.


The ultimate expectation from learning is the end result of a new reality, in other words, change. Expect visible Change.



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"Thank you EdenU. I got my voice back and made some new friends in a a new city."

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"There is something for everyone, even our teenagers. Love the Playshops"

Jamie Sonet

"The 1-on-1 classes helped me build confidence and improve my grades."

Have fun and learn something new, even if the classroom isn't your thing 



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