Know.  Be.   Do.



Know.  Be.   Do.


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The Lord will surely comfort Zion and will look with compassion on all her ruins; he will make her deserts like EDEN, her wastelands like the GARDEN of the LORD.  Joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the sound of singing...  Isaiah 51:3

Who is EdenU & The Eden Center?

EdenU is a classroom of the future - dedicated to replenishing people and the planet! (the earth).

We have carefully crafted holistic hands-on learning experiences to help men (Adam), women (Eve) and youth (the Begats) bounce back from life's setbacks and upgrade into the best versions of themselves.

We firmly believe that "Everything is Replenishable" - including hope, joy, peace and happiness, especially happiness!

As forerunners in innovative learning, we strive to pioneer cutting-edge learning models for individuals, the family and corporations. Our focus pivots with our audience, yet we are proud to deliver curated solutions to diverse communities worldwide.


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    The DEBORAH Project


    You were created with the DNA to care...and be cared for..

    Join Mothers and Daughters in a community where you  can give and receive care from other women!


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    The Education State of Mind

    The U.S. surgeon general estimates that one out of every five children in America has a diagnosable mental health problem; 15 percent of all adolescents are substance abusers; and 20 percent of those being treated for substance abuse also have a mental health disorder.

    The mental state of our children demand a paradigm shift in the way we educate them.  No longer can we flirt with mental fitness and soul fitness of a child by occasionally introducing elements of mindfulness into their school day,  we must ourselves as parents, educators, caregivers and policy makers be deliberate in our quest to develop whole children… for what shall it profit a man, a city, a nation, to gain the whole world and lose his soul, or the soul of its children? 

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    Adam & Eve

    Renaissance Man 

    And whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. So the man gave names to all...(Geneis 2:19)
    Not only is man created in God's image but he also has the power to name and call things that are not as though they are.

    Our mission: To reunite man with his original identity.

    What will you name in this New Era? What role will you play?

    Will you sit on the sidelines and call "foul" or will you step up to the bat and swing?
    Your family, your community and your nation awaits.

    Step into your Power Position!


    You are planted as a seed. Watered. Covered with dirt.
    Yet you broke through the earth and dared to sprout flowers.
    Flowers that transfer beauty and release a fragrance of grace. 

    Each petal tells your tender story. Each fold recites your ability to  move with changing tides, and wave currents; collaborate with like-minded petals and create joy unspeakable.

    You are Woman.
    Descendant of Eve. 
    And you are powerful beyond measure...

    Start Your Journey to Joy!

    Begat Nation (not so little people)

    Children are a gift from God. No returns. No refunds allowed.

    What will you do with this gift from God? How will you open it? use it? share it? What value will you attach to it?  Will you waste it or treasure it;  Will you put it in a safe place and hide it from the world? or will you find new ways to let it shine - to develop it into full potential.
    You are born for such a time as this, to shift paradigms and impact nations; to end injustices and find cures to the worst maladies of mankind. You are born for innovation and breakthrough!
    You are a child. A Teenager. A Youth. Born with purpose. On purpose.  How will you let your not-so little light (gift) shine.?

    Step into your Greatness

    Our Programs

    Are you Stressed, Worn Out, Feeling Soppy?

    The R2L2 Signature Self Management System will help you to Recover, Rest, Learn & Live! and specifically:

    • Replenish your broken soul places
    • Add exciting new pages to your 'her-story' or 'his-story'
    • Empower you to live your best life (LYBL)
    • In 4 Simple Steps
    • At your own pace or with a trained coach
    Hop Aboard the R2L2 Wellness Train!

    The Co-Creator Challenge

    The power to create comes directly from the genes on your Father's side.
    Specifically customized for Adam, Eve & The Begats - The Co-Creator Challenge helps you uncover your creative God gene. 

    The Co-Creator challenge facilitates 26 days of Art Prov - allowing you to explore various means and forms of art and craftsmanship; discover new expressions of creativity and art forms; also share them with the world (optional).
    What will you create today?

    Uncover Your Creative DNA!

    EDEN NATION Community

    Vibrant, Innovative, Replenishing -  EDEN NATION is a membership based community providing a secure, judgement-free space for individuals, families and corporations to access life-giving resources; connect with learners all over the world and share viewpoints.
    Memberships are monthly, yearly or lifelong. Cancel anytime. We cant wait to see you and do life with you on the other side.

    Get in Community Now!

    Productivity for Pastors

    Join Pastors and Ministry Leaders on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 10 AM CST for a Working Webinar where we uncover tools for greater productivity and train to run with horsemen.

    Increase your Productivity!

    Courses - Workshops - Playshops

    Game Not Over

    Teens ages 12 to 17

    $59.00 USD every month
    Name Art

    Your given Name is a powerful tool

    $59.00 USD
    Lioness vs. Depression - for Teen Girls

    $27.00 USD every week
    The RECOVER Mini Course

    For everyone




    Gold Digger

    A must-have handbook for parents 

    $29.00 USD
    PK On the Loose

    $39.00 USD

    $15.99 USD
    RECOVER Digital & Print Workbooks

    $39.00 USD

    Free Access to EdenU's "RECOVER Mini Course"

    Join thousands of  subscribers! Get 1 new lesson each day on how to bounce back from the pandemic!