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EdenU  is a "Whole Child" classroom that  helps marginalized students bounce back from learning loss and life setbacks and progress  into a bright future

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Who is EdenU?

EdenU connects students from diverse and economically challenged households to a network of mentors, to targeted academic coaching and curated resources that stems learning loss, bridge learning gaps and get students back on track. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to partner with students, educators and the family, to level the learning landscape for students who are experiencing learning loss; providing a tool-kit for success in learning and in life.


EdenU is a certified woman owned and minority owned Educational Services company serving families in North and Central Texas face-to-face, and other geographies virtually.

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Student Enrichment

Now more than ever, students are most vulnerable to learning loss and neglect than probably any other time in history.

Our Student Enrichment program (BRAAINEY) develops a wrap-around support system for students, to ensure that learning sticks - and that students are enjoying the process. 

Delivered After School or on Saturdays, Virtually or In-person - BRAAINEY is a multi-faceted approach to enrichment with technology that fuels academics at the core.

If you are an educator, a parent, student or student advocate interested in finding out how your student can benefit from  Student Enrichment, then click the link below to find out more.

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Resilience is probably the most critical character trait that students and adults need to develop during tumultuous and pandemic times.

EdenU's BRAVE Bootcamp helps students and adults develop the five ingredients of resilience, namely - Boldness, Resourcefulness, Authenticity, Vulnerability & Vigilance, and Energy.  

If you are an Educator, a Parent, Professional Development Manager, District Mental Health Supervisor or Student Advocate interested in finding out how your community or student can benefit from a  BRAVE Bootcamp  then click the link below to find out more.


Your Student, a Day or Night Person?

Summer Out of School time (OST) has always been a major source of learning loss for students. 

BRAAINEY's Day and Night Bridge Camps are turn-key programming that facilitate both the Academic Enrichment and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) needs of each student...during the summer months.

If you are an educator, a parent, student or student advocate interested in finding out how your school can benefit from the Day and Night camps, then click the link below to find out more.

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What should you expect from EdenU?

No matter the extent of learning loss, students can expect:


The transfer of knowledge always fires brain cells to come alive in new ways. Expect Knowledge Transfer.


Newly fired brain cells create a new Normal, new Movement, new Life, and Growth.
Expect Growth.


The ultimate expectation from learning is the end result of a new reality, in other words, change. Expect visible change.

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